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System Administration Features

Hosting Automation Software management
 Different Control Panels and other software:
Integrity checks and troubleshooting
Software updates
Basic Moving servers/users/resellers from one Data Center to another
Basic Moving servers/users/resellers from one Control Panel to another
Basic Moving users/resellers from server to server
System Maintenance
Install, setup and tuning of:

Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, other Unix Flavors (kernel, libraries, exotic hardware support)
Basic networking
Security Firewall
DNS/Firewall/Advanced Networking
Email services: Sendmail/Qmail/Exim/POP3/IMAP
Web services: Apache/Tomcat/JBoss
Custom services: Perl/PHP/JSP/MySQL/FrontPage extension
Hosting automation software: (Cpanel/Plesk/Ensim/Webmin/Cobalt RaQ)
3-rd party software: MRTG/ImageMagick/etc
Add server to our monitoring panel
Install all required updates
Full System Lifecycle Support:
IP Address/IP Networks changing
Backup/Restore data
Tuning for best performance
Security Updates
Security incidents monitoring and protecting your servers against them (see as example of which kind of incidents can be happened. Their technique may be related to your servers.)
Security updates install
 We have centralized Monitoring panel for all our controlled servers
Ensure that all servers are up and serving pages
Monitor both external and intranet applications and services
           Server performance monitoring
           Service level monitoring
           Bandwidth monitoring
System performance
Disk usage
RAM usage
Allowed services functionality
Number of running processes
Exploit run attempts tracking
 Our technicians will solve all possible problems:
Low Disk Space
DoS attacks
Incorrect users activities (spam, greedily processes, etc)
Hardware problems detection
Server upstream problems detection (and conversation with DC about it