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Cloud Computing - Cloud Servers.

 maxDedicated provides state of the art cloud computing solutions powered by VMware.

Our cloud hosting allows you to build scalable cloud infrastructure in multiple data centers using dedicated and cloud servers, load balancing, and cloud storage with total control through automation and self-service.

Your private cluster of highly available, secure and redundant virtualized servers - your own cloud.

Looking for a way to scale up into that dedicated server but still need the dedicated computing environment and a highly available solution?

Whether you are extending your internal cloud, connecting Cloud Dedicated to Cloud Enterprise for additional storage, bandwidth or elasticity, Cloud Dedicated can meet your needs.
Compared to the traditional approach of purchasing, provisioning and managing your own physical environment, utilizing a hosting provider guarantees no downtime, better equipment, enhanced security, improved back-up options, experienced technical support for maintenance, monitoring and service.

With Cloud Dedicated, you have a monthly recurring cost and most importantly no upfront capital expenses.

Cloud Server Provides

  • Dedicated Hosting Environment
  • Enhanced Security Options
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Unprecedented Scalability
    You no longer need to worry about building a server to meet the needs of tomorrow. With a VDS, the server runs within a virtual environment, allocating additional computing resources happens within software, not hardware. This means servers do not have to be shut down for extended periods of time for an engineer to open up the system and add bigger or faster components. This allows you to both maximize uptime and scale upward easily.
  • Reliability
    Features such as VMotion, Distributed Resource Scheduling (DRS), and High Availability (HA) help maximize the uptime of virtual machines by shifting load evenly across physical nodes in the resource pool. The virtual servers are also configured to automatically reboot on an available host should the host it was running on fail.

    As a VMware Service Provider Partner, maxDedicated has the knowledge and experience to deploy, manage, and maintain your critical business systems built for the needs of tomorrow.

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a high failure rate. The experience and dedication of our staff has been proven time & time again. Don't trust your hard earned money to just any fly-by-night provider, take comfort in our long standing reputation for being a high quality shell provider.
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