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System Administration Features

System Maintenance

 Install, setup and tuning of: Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, other Unix Flavors (kernel, libraries, exotic hardware support)

Basic networking
Security Firewall
DNS/Firewall/Advanced Networking
Email services: Sendmail/Qmail/Exim/POP3/IMAP
Web services: Apache/Tomcat/JBoss
Custom services: Perl/PHP/JSP/MySQL/FrontPage extension
Hosting automation software: (Cpanel/Plesk/Ensim/Webmin/Cobalt RaQ)
3-rd party software: MRTG/ImageMagick/etc
Add server to our monitoring panel
Install all required updates
Full System Lifecycle Support:
IP Address/IP Networks changing
Backup/Restore data
Tuning for best performance

Initial Server Setup

When you sign up with our server support plan, we will perform an initial server setup which consists of the following steps:

Make server up-to-date with the current OS and control panel (if any) release version
Perform initial security audit
Installation of firewall
Add server to our monitoring system
Setup and configuration of server applications which provide different hosting services (IIS/apache/mysql/php/exim/etc)
Setup of automated maintenance tasks for continuous smooth operation

Hosting Automation Software management

Integrity checks and troubleshooting
Control Panel Software updates

Pro-active Updates

We monitor updates, upgrades and patches for most server applications. When we detect an update that needs to be applied to your system, we will notify you, test it in our labs if necessary, and schedule the appropriate time for implementation.

Security Audit

Our continuous non-stop security audit is an automated on-the-fly scan. We perform it utilizing well-known antivirus products and our custom developed proprietary software. Any issues detected will be brought directly to your attention. Depending on the severity and the nature of vulnerability discovered, we will discuss with you the options available to resolve this issue, and take the appropriate measures.

Monitoring 24x7x365

We have implemented a monitoring system that allows us monitoring all aspects of server activity. You can be sure that we have all the necessary tools to gather comprehensive information about the status of your machine, and respond in the event of an outage in a timely manner. Services include but are not limited to:

Ensure that all servers are up and serving pages
Monitor both external and intranet applications and services
Server performance monitoring
Service level monitoring
Bandwidth monitoring
Network accessibility and IP traffic
Disk usage
RAM usage
Number of running processes
Exploit run attempts tracking


Our technicians will solve all possible problems:

Low Disk Space
DoS attacks
Incorrect users activities (spam, greedily processes, etc)
Hardware problems detection
Server upstream problems detection (and conversation with DC about) and many other related things

Recovery - Disaster/hack recovery from backups

What if the worst scenario comes true? Suddenly, all of your servers become unavailable. You contact us and tell us about this nightmare situation. Our team of recovery experts will walk you through the entire recovery process. After the successful recovery, we will provide you with our recommendations on how to improve and reconfigure your servers to achieve full data redundancy and failover protection. Options include:

Recover from any backup version
Recover an individual file
Perform full system recovery


There are many reasons why you might need to migrate to a new environment. Some of the most common reasons are: faulty old hardware, lack of acceptable support levels, downtime issues, server consolidation, financial considerations etc. We do our best to make the migration process as easy as possible with minimal downtime.

Basic Moving servers/users/resellers from one Data Center to another
Basic Moving servers/users/resellers from one Control Panel to another
Basic Moving users/resellers from server to server

Server Optimization & Hardening

This service can be either performed on your request or upon our recommendation. We harden your server at all possible levels:

Network level optimization
Operating system optimization
File system level optimization & security and many other related things

3rd Party Software Installation
Control panels
Web services and applications
Database engines
Other applications