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MaxDedicated Network

Unsurpassed Network Speed, Performance, and Capacity

Dedicated servers and virtual servers need the capacity and network structure to perform up to their true potential. All of the high tech server hardware and fast RAID arrays don't add up to much additional performance without the network architecture to match, as the network then becomes the bottleneck.

 Maxdedicated does not have congestion problems because it pays for usage. Thus, if one connection starts experiencing packet loss, we are responsible for upgrading the circuit. This point also reinforces the advantage of our network architecture. Because we have connections to multiple backbone providers, we utilize their backbones, where there is less data congestion. In addition, though these large backbones may have good networks, they may not provide high-speed hosting solutions because they might have poor connectivity to other large backbones..

  • Dual routers for full redundancy
  • Network Specifications
  • BGP network via Cisco 6500 switches.
  • Multiple providers directly plugged in our switches.
  • Access to over 200 suppliers upstream worldwide via BGP Protocol.
  • Distribution assured by Cisco 6500 switches.
  • Multiple fiber optic entry points in our facility.
  • Multiple GBPS network capacity.
  • Fastest routes worldwide.
  • 100% Network availability guaranteed.
  • Individual Secure Private VLAN per Customer.
  • Multi-gigabit capacity always available
  • We monitor our network from dozens of locations around the world
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee; actual 100% uptime


Network Providers

Maxdedicated offers a high quality network, directly linked by BGP to BTN, nLayer, AboveNET, Telia, XO and Level3, offering excellent performance for game servers, web servers , database servers, multi-content servers, virtualization and all applications that require high throughput and no loss of packets.

Achieving 99.999% reliability for our customers does not happen by accident. Multiple connectivity and carrier options, as well as diverse network routing all combine to assure that no single point of failure interrupts your critical network access.

Speed Test Files
Test the speed of the network by downloading one of these speed test files.

Atlanta DC Test File Download ( 10 MB )
Atlanta DC Test File Download ( 100 MB )

Dallas DC Test File Download ( 10 MB )
Dallas DC Test File Download ( 100 MB )

Test IP
Ping/Traceroute Test IP:


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