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Enkompass Dedicated Servers.

Max Dedicated offers Enkompass Windows web hosting control panel. Enkompass is simple yet powerful which offers a rich assortment of features that can save your organization time and money.

Enkompass is cPanel's new Control panel designed for Windows server 2008 that will utilize Microsoft IIS7. This will allow clients to use ASP, .NET, PHP, PERL and many other languages. The Microsoft environment will also allow clients to use MySQL and MSSQL databases while keeping WHM/cPanel's very familiar control panel layout.

Enkompass also runs on a multi server farm, so if the mail server were to ever go down all of your other services would still remain available. Enkompass is also able to reconfigure itself to serve sites off other servers if any issues arise on the web server.

The Enkompass interface mirrors that of cPanel/WHM for Linux. This allows you to understand both products without having to relearn their daily workflow. While many features of Enkompass are the same as cPanel/WHM for Linux, features incompatible with Windows have been removed, and some Windows-only features have been added.

What's actually included in Enkompass?

Enkompass integrated with windows server technologies side by side, the most new feature with this product is it's working with Windows Active Directory. With Enkompass you can complete the following tasks.

  • Multiple Server Management – Enkompass is designed to be used in a distributed server environment. This means that one or more Enkompass server(s) will be able to manage many web servers across a Windows domain, allowing for easy automation and maintenance of a set of servers — up to an entire data center.
  • Database Management – With Enkompass you can manage both Mysql and Sql server database creation, backup and restoration. Latest Mysql and SQL server are supported for default.
  • Email management – The best of the best is Enkompass integrated the management of Smartermail — the leader of windows mail server. Except for Smartermail, you also have the option to use mailEnable which is optional choice according to your experience.
  • Reseller Management – Enkompass is developed based on Active Directory, user information and reseller privileges are safely stored with scalability in mind. The reseller structure includes multi-level reselling; in other words, resellers can sell to resellers.
  • Statistics Management - View your website's raw access logs and analytics via the provided Analog statistics software.

Benefits of Enkompass for Dedicated Server Owners?

Easily manage domains
Add, edit, and delete subdomains, addon domains, parked domains, and redirects.

Easily manage email accounts
Website owners can create quota-based email accounts, access webmail accounts, and create forwarders, autoresponders, and mailing lists.

Load balanced
Your website is stored on multiple servers reducing the chances of your website having a problem.

Great scripting/development opportunities
Developers enjoy the ability to script in .NET, ASP, PHP, Perl, AJAX, XML, and Silverlight. Plus, you get native support for Visual Studio. Integrate applications with either MySQL or Microsoft SQL ServerĀ® 2008.

Strong security
Update passwords for databases, protected directories, and FTP and email accounts. Specify IP addresses from which you wish to block or allow access. Perfect for development platforms or internal company websites.

Password Protect Directories
Enkompass allows your users to password protect directories in which they would like to store sensitive information. Simply by specifying a directory and a password, your users can make their data safe and secure.

Deny IP/Domain Manager
Enkompass allows your users to block troublesome IP addresses or domains simply by specifying the IP address or domain they wish to block.

Accurate, Reliable Data and Statistics
View your website's raw access logs and analytics via the provided Analog and AWSTATS statistics software.

Makes File Management Easy
Enkompass comes equipped with easy-to-use tools for file management. In the Files section, your users can access the File Manager to add and move files, create and manage FTP accounts, as well as access disk space usage information. If you allow them, users can also create backups of their accounts or (for users with admin privileges) the entire system.

Domain Management Simplified
Enkompass provides a simple set of interfaces that allow your users to add and manage their own subdomains, addon domains, parked domains, and redirects.

Experienced Users
Enkompass enables more experienced users to configure advanced features using a number of simple interfaces.

MIME Types
Advanced users can specify new MIME types, which are handlers for additional file extensions.

Error Pages
Using Enkompass, you are free to create a unique environment for their visitors. They can even create custom error pages for their websites, thanks to this clean, simple interface.

Directory Browsing
Enkompass allows your users to browse their files with ease, even in the absence of Remote Desktop. Using our Directory Browsing feature, they can point and click their way through directories associated with their websites.

Restart Websites
Enkompass' Restart Websites feature is extraordinarily easy to use. By clicking a single button, users can restart their websites without disturbing other sites hosted by your server, and without needing to submit a support ticket.

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