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PLESK Dedicated Servers.

Max Dedicated offers Parallels PLESK Dedicated servers. A structured, easy-to-use, end-user control panel simplifies users’ hosting management experience, reducing both churn and support costs.

Parallels Plesk: The Easy Control Panel

Plesk dedicated servers have Parallel’s Plesk server control panel installed to support easy server administration and management from a web based graphical user interface. Whether you have a Linux dedicated server or windows dedicated server you  can run Plesk on it, On Plesk dedicated servers, you can quickly setup new domains and websites. We offer our clients both the 10 domain and unlimited domain Plesk licenses and can add the Plesk Power Pack which includes Spam Assassin, the Application Pack, Tomcat, Ruby on Rails, .Net, DotNetNuke and ColdFusion support as well as MSSQL management tools and add-ons.

Parallels Plesk Panel solves the industry’s most complex problems by grouping content, simplifying processes and making it easier to find the information the user needs. Plesk panel saves time creating web sites, managing e-mail addresses, & deploying applications to a server; and its intuitive user interface means less work for the IT support staff.

Features of Parallels Plesk:

A structured, easy-to-use, end-user control panel simplifies users’ hosting management experience, reducing both churn and support costs. And the user-friendly Web-page model lets users learn quickly, rapidly find the desired functionality, and still have full access to all needed power and security.

Parallels Plesk Panel has a separate administrator interface, optimized for server and business management. Have a full-featured yet simple interface freed from shared hosting business functions.

Health-monitoring capabilities make things easier to do server troubleshooting and let you configure alarm thresholds for automatic notification.

Customer administrators can specify application access based on user roles, enabling them to easily limit access to only those users who need it.

A host of new features make upgrades faster and simplify recovery from upgrade failures. Key enhancements include:
•Better protection against source environment inconsistencies, with the ability to resolve conflicts on the fly.
•Database rollback when problems occur.
•Templates that let you specify whether Parallels Virtuozzo Containers will upgrade automatically or not.
•A post-upgrade account transition assistant.
•Forward-compatible lease license keys, so you’ll never have to replace them when you upgrade.
•Ability to assign licenses you issue in Key Administrator to IP addresses and have them delivered automatically to your servers.
•Support for native packaging systems, with optional automatically updating system components for CentOS and RHEL.

Complete customer and business management capabilities include support for account resources, FTP, SSL, e-mail accounts, Web mail, favorites, databases, traffic limits, DNS management, service rebooting, Web statistics, shell access, service plans, cron jobs, backups, and search capabilities — plus an internal file manager.

Built-in multilingual support for English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), and Japanese means you don’t have to worry about localizing your hosting services.

A built-in power panel provides a seamless, single interface for VPS management, simplifying administration.

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